15-16T/H Animal Feed Factory Project For Cattle And Chicken In Saudi Arabia

  • Capacity: 5-6T/H cattle feed and 10T/H chicken feed
  • Name: animal feed factory project
  • Raw materials: 33% alfalfa, grass, corn, soybean meal
  • Feed pellet size: 1-12mm
  • The installed period: 90 days
  • Total power: 554KW
  • The operate worker: 3-4 person
Saudi Arabia 15-16tph animal feed factory project for cattle and chicken

Saudi Arabia Animal Feed Production Market

The client made cooperation with RICHI Machinery for an animal feed factory project. Saudi Arabia is one of the major markets for animal feed products. Compared with other countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s animal feed market shows stable growth. The increase in Saudi Arabia’s consumption of meat and processed food provides the potential for Saudi Arabia’s market growth in the animal feed market.


The improvement of people’s health awareness is also promoting the market growth of Saudi Arabia’s animal feed market. As one of the major countries in meat consumption and poultry breeding, Saudi Arabia has a great demand for animal feed. The government’s support in maintaining quality food and meat products is improving the animal feed market in the food and meat market. The hospitality and support of the Saudi government have also attracted investment from large companies.

Due to the huge feed market in Saudi Arabia, the client determined to invest in a 15-16t/h animal feed factory project for cattle and chicken. The client spent about two weeks in China, visited more than 10 feed equipment manufacturers, and finally signed with RIHCI Machinery for a fully automatic 15-16t/h animal feed production line. The whole feed production line contains two parts – a 5-6t/h cattle feed processing plant and a 10t/h chicken feed production line. The animal feed factory project is automatic and highly intelligent. The whole feed production process of crushing, batching, and granulation can reduce human intervention and ensure feed quality.

client visit

The entire 15-16t/h animal feed factory project was completed by RICHI from design, and feed equipment manufacturing to feed mill factory erection and commissioning. In this project, RICHI always adheres to the concept of product quality first. RICHI strictly checks all aspects of the animal feed factory project construction and ensures this project can proceed orderly and efficiently.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Main Equipment Of The Animal Feed Factory Project For Cattle And Chicken

According to the process requirements, RICHI Machinery designs high-quality equipment with advanced production technology, excellent performance, safety, reliability and economic applicability for Saudi Arabia client. In addition, on the premise of ensuring that the technical and economic indicators meet the design requirements, we also try our best to save investment for customers.

The large capacity animal feed production line is equipped with feed grinder machine, feed mixer machine, cattle feed pellet making machine, chicken feed pellet machine, screening system, etc. The following is the specific equipment of the whole animal feed factory project.

Drum type precleanerSCY631
Bucket elevatorTDTG36/281
Permanent magnet sleeveTCXT201
Cattle feed grinderSFSP66*601
Chicken feed grinderSFSP66*801
Cattle feed mixerSLHY2.5L1
Chicken feed mixerSLHY2.5L1
Batching scalePLC1.0A1
Cattle feed pellet making machineSZLH4201
Chicken feed pellet machineSZLH5201
Pellet crumblerSSLG15*1501
Rotary screenerSFJH125*2C1
Automatic packing machineDCS-501
Heating oil storage tankSYTZ1001
Boiler system1.0T, 0.7Mpa1
(Note: Richi Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)


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The Animal Feed Production Process Of The 15-16T/H Animal Feed Factory Project

RICHI provides the client with an animal feed processing plant with a totally closed design. In addition, according to the needs of the customer, we also provide our customers with a fuel boiler. This 15-16t/h animal feed factory project is specially customized according to the actual situation of the customers. The following is the detailed animal feed factory project for the Saudi Arabia client.

Raw materials receiving and cleaning system

  • The function of cleaning is to remove the impurities of raw material, such as paper, rope, clods, and iron filings, so as to protect the equipment from damage. 
  • What’s more, the feed inlet adopts an independent feeding and dust removal system to avoid the problem of cross-contamination of materials.
raw materials receiving and cleaning

Crushing system

  • This project adopts process of crushing before batching. It is a kind of continuous crushing, and the feeding and control system are relatively simple.
  • The feeder controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation can flexibly adjust the working load of the crusher to the best to ensure the full load production of the crusher.
  • Secondary crushing structure. And the capacity is increased by 25% compared with other models.

Batching and mixing system

  • The batching and mixing section is controlled by a computer. You can input a few formulas on the computer. As long as the corresponding formula is selected, the computer can automatically control the unloading amount of each bin.
  • The crushing and mixing section is equipped with two screw conveyors. The material can enter the silo through different paths without affecting the receipt of other materials, which is flexible and convenient.
  • The feed mixer machine has high mixing uniformity and a short cycle. The bottom outlet gate structure is adopted for discharging, which is fast and has no residue.

Pelletizing system

  • Stainless steel of pellet feeder, pellet mill conditioner, and ring die, avoids contamination of raw materials due to equipment corrosion, which can greatly improve the quality of animal feed pellet.
  • The pelletizing system is equipped with a pellet crumbler, which can be used to produce small-diameter feed pellets for baby chickens and baby cattle.
  • The conditioner is to make the material get matured, gelatinized, and sterile through the saturated dry steam provided by the boiler. The conditioner is specially designed to improve particle quality.

Cooling and screening system

  • The pellets are cooled by the counterflow cooler designed by RICHI Machinery. The cooling is uniform and the effect is good.
  • The fan is equipped with a damping device, which has low noise and vibration.
  • The rotary screener of RICHI Machinery has high output and a good classification effect.

Packing system

The automatic packing scale is suitable for quantitative weighing and packing pellets and powder materials. It is a professional quantitative weighing and packaging equipment. It has the advantages of high packing accuracy, fast packing speed, and high efficiency.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Raw Materials Are Used For Animal Feed Production Of The Animal Feed Production Line

The Saudi Arabia client wants to produce 1-12mm feed pellets for cattle and chicken by building the animal feed factory project. The main raw materials are alfalfa, grass, corn, soybean meal, etc. Among them, alfalfa accounts for 33% of the customer’s feed formula. Alfalfa is famous for its high crude protein content. The crude protein of Alfalfa contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids. It accounts for a large proportion of animal diets. Alfalfa carbohydrates can not only be used as the main energy material in the diet of ruminants and some non-ruminants. Moreover, feeding a certain amount of alfalfa to animals can maintain normal gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Raw Materials Are Used For Animal Feed Production Of The Animal Feed Production Line

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Installation And Training Of The 15-16T/H Saudi Arabia Animal Feed Factory Project

Before the equipment was delivered, we connected the customer remotely and conducted the trial operation of the equipment. The customer was very satisfied with the production capacity of the equipment.

The installation of the whole animal feed factory project lasted 90 days, and the four technical engineers we sent successfully completed the installation assistance work.

equipment installation

To ensure the proper operation of the project, the operator must be familiar with the working principle, structure, performance and process requirements of the equipment, master operation and maintenance techniques, and learn troubleshooting methods. Therefore, RICHI also provided workers’ training courses for Saudi Arabia clients.

After being put into operation, the equipment of the animal feed factory project run smoothly and is highly praised by the Saudi Arabia client for its high efficiency, low consumption, and operational safety.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Safety Production Of The Animal Feed Factory Project

Safe Operation

Failure to pay attention to operation safety may cause equipment safety accidents or human safety accidents, resulting in equipment damage or casualties. Thus, RICHI Machinery equipment is equipped with safety interlock devices to protect personal safety. In addition, RICHI Machinery also provides workers’ training services for Saudi Arabia client.

Electrical Safety

RICHI electrical control cabinets and electrical components used in the feed plant meet the requirements of relevant national standards. Fires in feed plants are often caused by open flames, rats, and electrical failures caused by smoking, electric welding, or gas cutting during maintenance. These points should be careful.

Dust Explosion

Dust explosion has considerable destructive power. The strong shock wave can damage plant buildings and equipment, and also cause fire, casualties, and property losses. Therefore, feed factories should pay special attention to dust explosions.

The Saudi Arabia animal feed factory project provided by RICHI Machinery contains a pulse dust removal system. It is applied to air suction and dust removal or recycling filtration, so as to ensure a clean environment. It has the advantages of high efficiency and large air volume. The dust removal efficiency of the dust collector is greater than 99.9%.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Layout Of The Workshop For The Saudi Arabia Animal Feed Factory Project

The main buildings of the 15-16t/h customized high automation animal feed factory project include a production workshop, raw material and finished product warehouse, office building, dormitory building, and other major projects, as well as water supply and drainage, power, heating, ventilation, fire protection, wastes cleaning, safety and other public auxiliary projects.

The project layout of the animal feed factory project is set according to the requirements of the feed manufacturing process. The raw materials workshop is located next to the feed production workshop, which reduces the transportation time of raw materials, and avoids the waste of manpower and precision in the transition process of various animal feed production processes. All raw materials are set in a separate storage area, and the layout of the animal feed factory project is reasonable.


In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Supporting Infrastructure Of The 15-16T/H Animal Feed Factory Project

Water supply

The water consumption of this 15-16t/h large animal feed factory project mainly includes domestic water, boiler water and cooling water. Domestic water and boiler water are provided by the municipal water supply network, which can meet the requirements of production and domestic water.

Wastes cleaning

The sundries and wastes generated by the production of cleaning, granulating, and screening are uniformly cleaned by the environmental sanitation department.


The power of the 15-16t/h animal feed factory project is directly supplied by the municipal power grid.


Production heat is supplied by fuel combustion.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Effect On The Environment Of The Animal Feed Factory Project And The Solutions Provided By RICHI Machinery

A small amount of construction waste, noise, and dust will be generated during the construction period, and the vehicles transporting materials will produce intermittent noise. However, the project site is far away from the residential area, so the impact is small.

After the project is put into operation, the main pollution sources are dust, noise, etc. The dust is mainly generated in the process of feeding, crushing, batching, packaging, etc. RICHI engineers equipped the project with a pulse dust collector. The principle of pulse dust removal is to set some cloth bags inside to filter the dust in the air, and regularly blow compressed air into the filter bag to remove the dust in the filter bag. The dust removal efficiency reaches 99%. What’s more, the dust collected by the pulse dust collector can be reused for production. Using low-noise equipment, sound insulation, and shock absorption measures to deal with the noise.

The production process of the 15-16t/h animal feed factory project does not produce toxic and harmful gases, liquids, and solids. The design of the factory considers the treatment of waste, which can meet the environmental emission standard. The noise will not affect the environment after treatment. The dust generated in the production process will not pollute the environment after being filtered by the dust removal equipment.

Saudi Arabia’s 15-16t/h animal feed factory project can not only take raw materials locally but also meets the planned process requirements of the Saudi Arabia client. What’s more, RICHI Machinery is succeeded in helping our Saudi Arabia client further expand their local influence. The successful commissioning of this 15-16t/h animal feed factory project helps the Saudi Arabia client achieve the integration of large-scale local feed research and development, cattle and chicken feed production, breeding and sales, and it further increases its market share and competitiveness in the Saudi Arabia animal feed production market.

RICHI Machinery always upholds the concept of customer needs first, continuing to innovate, and striving to provide clients with better turnkey services.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

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