straw pellet plant

Straw Pellet Plant

The straw pellet plant is applied to crush corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk and other raw materials, and then press them into pellets with a diameter of 6-12mm through mechanical and physical extrusion. RICHI Machinery can not only provides customers with high-quality straw pellet production line equipment, but also provides superior after-sales service.

  • Raw materials: corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, cotton stalk, sorghum straw, paddy straw, cereal straw, barley straw, etc.
  • Pellets size: 6-12mm
  • Capacity: 0.5-40T/H
  • Application: industrial boilers, power generation plants, home heating, animal feed, high quality organic potash fertilizer, etc.

The Main Equipment Of The Straw Pellet Plant

alfalfa husk grass straw hammer mill

Alfalfa/Husk/Grass/Straw Hammer Mill

The alfalfa/husk/grass/straw hammer mill is mainly used for chopping and processing of crop straw, plant straw with branch diameter less than 5cm, and also for chopping and processing of various crop straw and grass. The whole set of equipment is equipped with forced feeder, which is mainly used for chopping and processing of light materials such as cotton stalk, bark, branch, corn stalk, wheat straw and rice straw.

Feeder Power(kw)3
Speed Of Crusher(rpm)2900

Drum Drying Machine

The drum drying machine is mainly used for drying granular materials within a certain humidity range of 13-18%. It is suitable for drying alfalfa, alcohol lees, straw, sawdust, shavings, cassava dregs and sugarcane bagasse, etc.

drum drying machine
Rotating Speed
Of Drum(rpm)
straw pellet machine

Straw Pellet Machine

The straw pellet machine is pressing the powdered materials into pellets for convenient storage and transportation. The straw pellet machine is a new biomass energy equipment and a granulating equipment for the production of straw pellets. It is the most important equipment of the straw pellet production line. Also it can be applied to any scale of straw pellets production enterprises and animal feed pellets production plants. corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, cotton stalk, sorghum straw, paddy straw, cereal straw, barley straw all can be used as the raw materials.

Main Motor
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die
Finihsed Pellet

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

Various Capacity Of The Straw Pellet Plant

0.5-1tph straw pellet plant

0.5-1T/H Straw Pellet Plant

1-3tph corn straw production line

1-3T/H Corn Straw Production Line

3-5tph straw pellet production line

3-5T/H Straw Pellet Production Line

5-10tph straw pellet plant

5-10T/H Straw Pellet Plant

10-20tph rice husk pellet plant

10-20T/H Rice Husk Pellet Plant

20-40tph straw pellet plant

20-40T/H Straw Pellet Plant

The Process Of The Straw Pellet Plant

The production process of complete straw pellet plant can be divided into several parts: crushing section, drying section, pelletizing section, cooling and screening section and packing section. The details of each process are as follows:

working process of straw pellet plant

Crushing Section

Using straw shredder and straw hammer mill to crush the straw raw materials into appropriate pieces. Crushing is very important. Generally speaking, the crushed size would be 3-6mm. The needed equipment are straw shredder and straw hammer mill.

crushing section

Drying Section

In this processing, the crushed raw materials are dried to an appropriate moisture content. To make high quality straw pellet, drying is one of the most important parts you should pay attention to. The most suitable moisture content for the straw pellet production is 13-18%. If the moisture content is too high, the straw pellets should be easy to break apart. While if the moisture content is too low, it may be difficult to pelletizing.

Drying Process

Pelletizing Section

Pelletizing is an vital process in the straw pellet plant. This section is making the raw materials with appropriate size and moisture content into 6-12mm pellets. The main equipment used in this process is the straw pellet machine. The annular mold design of RICHI straw pellet production line equipment has different compression ratios. Annular molds with multiple compression ratios enable the straw pelletizer to process a variety of straw materials.

pelletizing section of straw pellet plant

Cooling And Screening Section

After pelletizing, the temperature of the pellets out of the wood pellet making machine is about 80℃. The cooling system is cooling the pellets to about room temperature through the indoor air. Also, the cooled pellets is more hard and not easy to break.

The screening process is to select the unqualified pellets to go for secondary granulation through the certain diameter screen. The rotary screener is a high-efficiency material classification and screening equipment widely used in grain, feed, flour, chemical industry, food and other industries.

Packing Section

The packing system is the last process of the whole straw pellet plant. The packing system is fully automatic design, more convenient for operation and use. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation costs.

cooling screening and packing section

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Features Of The Straw Pellet Plant

  • RICHI straw pellet production line is equipped with Schneider electric control cabinet.
  • The straw pellet production line is equipped with Siemens motor, which can reduce energy consumption.
  • Feeding speed is adjustable so that the equipment can apply various production requirements.
  • The whole straw pellet plant equipment is equipped with overload protection device to protect the machine for a longer working life.
  • Straw pellet plant is suitable for all sizes, hardness, lengths and types of straw pellet production.
  • The equipment of straw pellet plant can operate continuously for 24 hours.
  • This is just the common straw pellet plant. Under the various needs, different straw pellet production line can be specially customized by professional technicians.
schneider electric control cabinets

Schneider electric control cabinet

siemens motor of pellet machine

Siemens motor

overload protection

Overload protection device

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

The Projects Of The Straw Pellet Plant

RICHI Machinery, as a straw pellet plant manufacturer, is always playing the product quality in the first place. RICHI Machinery, with more than 20 years of experience, has its own factory and professional technicians. Our equipment has been exported to more than 120 countries and regions all over the world. RICHI Machinery has enough experience to provide assistance to you.

South Africa straw pellet plant

South Africa Straw Pellet Plant

DateAugust 2021
Size of the finished pelletwheat straw
Main machinesdouble ribbon type mixer, 132kw pellet machine with side feeder, galvanized storage silos with two different volume
and other equipment
Workshop area (L*W*H)8m*7m*12m
3-5tph alfalfa straw husk pellet production line

3-5T/H Alfalfa Straw Husk Pellet Production Line

DateApril 9th, 2018
Size of the finished pellet6-12mm alfalfa straw husk pellet
Raw materialstraw, alfalfa, husk, corn, and soybean meal
Main machinesStraw crusher, wheat straw pellet machine*MZLH520, pulse dust collector, cooling machine, etc
Workshop area (L*W*H)10m*5m*12m
6tph wood block sawdust straw pellet plant project

6T/H Wood Block Sawdust Straw Pellet Plant Project

DateJanuary, 2021
Size of the finished pellet6-12mm straw pellet, wood pellet and sawdust pellet
Raw materialstraw, wood block and sawdust
Main machinesStraw hammer mill, straw pellet machine, screening machine, conveying system, fan
Workshop area (L*W*H)10m*20m*12m
Mexico automatic biomass wood straw pellet plant

Mexico Automatic Biomass Wood Straw Pellet Plant

DateNovember 2019
Size of the finished pellet8mm biomass pellets fuel
Raw materialwood, straw
Main machinesStraw hammer mill*55kw, straw pellet machine*137kw, pellet cooling machine*SKLH11*11, packing machine
Workshop area (L*W*H)8m*7m*12m
11-12tph crop straw stalks pellet production line

11-12T/H Crop Straw Stalks Pellet Production Line

CountryUnited States
DateMarch 15th, 2020
Size of the finished pellet6-12mm alfalfa straw husk pellet
Raw materialcrop straws, forestry branches and tree roots
Main machines
industrial wood chipper, wood crusher, crop straw crusher, straw pellet machine*3, pulse dust remover, cyclone, cleaning screen
Workshop area (L*W*H)18m*10m*15m
wood rice husk straw pellet production line project

Australia Wood Rice Husk Straw Pellet Production Line Project

December 2018
Size of the finished pellet6-12mm alfalfa straw husk pellet
Raw materialbamboo chips after the processing of bamboo products, branches, straw, cotton stalks, hemp stalks
Main machines
wood chipper machine, straw hammer mill, straw pellet machine, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, cooler
Workshop area (L*W*H)20m*12m*15m

Why To Use Straw Pellet Plant?

With the development of the social economy, coal, crude oil, natural gas, and other consumer markets are expanding rapidly, the tension of energy demand is becoming more and more serious, and the price continues to soar, which has become a serious constraint on social and economic development. At the same time, this kind of energy production and consumption structure has caused a lot of pollutants such as CO₂, SO₂, soot and ash, which has exacerbated the air greenhouse effect and the unsustainable natural environment.

The vast majority of firewood, wood waste from the forest products industry, wood wastes from the paper industry, sawdust from the grain manufacturing plant and other wastes become the natural environment burden of various manufacturing industries and increase the solution cost.

Making pellets through the straw pellet plant, on the one hand, can alleviate the energy shortage. On the other hand, it can also solve the environmental pollution caused by straw and waste wood. It can be used as a fuel for civil heating and domestic energy. It is clean, pollution-free, and convenient for storage and transportation. It can also be applied for industrial boiler and kiln fuel, which can replace coal and gas to solve environmental pollution. What’s more, it can be used as fuel for gasification power generation and thermal power generation to solve the shutdown of small thermal power plants. The most important thing is that the ash from the combustion of biomass pellet fuel is a high-quality organic potassium fertilizer, which can be used for fertilization.

raw material for straw pellet plant

The pellets can be used in a variety of ways. So the straw pellet plant has bloomed due to the environmental crisis, and the energy economy has recovered.

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

Why Choose RICHI Machinery?

RICHI Machinery is a professional enterprise with more than 20 years of experience. RICHI Machinery owns CE/ISO/BV certifications. RICHI equipment is widely used in feed, biomass fuel, organic fertilizer, waste recycling, and other industries. And the equipment has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions globally.

01 Equipment production

RICHI Machinery can provide you with project design, process design, the machine and equipment purchase plan suitable for you. Also, we can design and manufacture products according to your special needs.

equipment production

02 Quality control

RICHI Machinery always puts quality first place. Adhere to organizing production according to standards. RICHI has a sound quality inspection system, from raw materials into the factory to finished products factory is multi-layers of checking.

RICHI quality first

03 Installation and training

Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment and assist in formulating the construction scheme and detailed process. Moreover, RICHI Machinery will send technicians to guide the equipment installation, commissioning, and training of operators on site.

feed machinery installation

04 After-sales service

RICHI Machinery has a modern and information-based after-sales management system and a professional and highly-skilled after-sales service team. From the supply of common accessories, and equipment maintenance to repair, we provide customers with a “one-stop” service to solve their problems.

after sales service

In general, users choose different equipment and corresponding power according to their own production capacity and product types.

FAQ of straw pellet plant


Straw Pellet Machine – How To Make Straw Fuel Pellet?

A straw pellet machine is special mechanical equipment that makes sawdust, corn straw, peanut shell, straw, cotton and firewood straw, tree branches, edible fungus waste, cow dung and other raw materials into high-density combustible high-quality particles.

corn stalk pellet machinery

The principle of squeeze pressure friction interaction between the pressure wheel and the mold is adapted to shape the material. No additives or binders are required during processing. Straw and other materials contain a certain amount of cellulose and lignin. Lignin is not crystalline, and the main part is insoluble in any solvent at room temperature, with no melting point, but a softening point. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the lignin softening and bonding force increases, and under a certain pressure, make the cellulose molecular mass dislocation, deformation, extension, the internal adjacent biomass particles to the rodent with each other, recombination and suppression molding.

 This straw pellet machine is making the straw raw materials with the appropriate size and moisture content into 6-12mm pellets. The annular mold design of RICHI straw pellet production line equipment has different compression ratios. Annular molds with multiple compression ratios enable the straw pelletizer to process a variety of straw materials. RICHI Machinery can provide you with different straw pellet machines with various designs. If you are interested in this, just send an inquiry to us.


Straw Pellet Machine With Wide Applications


The straw pellet plant can be used in the production of feed pellets for ruminant animals. According to the different raw materials, it can be divided into coarse feed and concentrated feed. For example, the feed produced by the alfalfa and peanut seedling can be used in the milking cow plant. While the common feed produced with corn stalk, wheat stalk and straw is applied in the grassland pasture. By using straw feed pellets, the consumption of the grass is reduced, which inhibits the desertification of the grassland. Also, this turns straw into treasure, and the incomes of the farmers and herdsmen increase.


Straw pellets produced by the straw pellet plant can be used in home heating and cooking burning. In the cool region, heating is major energy consumption. For example, in winter in a rural area, if you want to make the room achieve 17℃, this requires 4 tons of coals. The development of straw pellet plant reduced the exploitation, consumption and transportation of mineral energy.


This can provide fuel to industrial boilers. Reducing the consumption of petroleum products and gaseous fuels can decrease the running cost of boilers. Also, it can reduce the generation of pollutants such as CO₂, SO₂, soot and ash.


The straw pellet produced by the straw pellet plant can be used as biological fuel in an electric generation plant. Because the biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, the combustion does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide, so it wouldn’t lead to acid rain to pollute the atmosphere and the environment.



A straw pellet plant can provide fuel for the rural gas supply station. The use of the gas supply station enables rural people to use the pipeline gas, which improves people’s living quality. At present, the most economic fuel of this station is biomass pellets. This is also convenient for the storage, management and anti-fire of the straw. The straw pellets can replace hard firewood such as the corncob.

In short, the straw pellet plant is a new straw processing equipment with the characteristic of low investment, huge effect, and highly practical. Using the straw pellets produced by this equipment is a new way to solve the problem of the lack of rural energy and exploit new biomass energy. This can also improve the rural environmental condition. The straw pellet plant and the products have great effects on economic and social incomes. The most important thing is that it can realize the sustainable development of energy through saving energy and reducing consumption.


How to start the straw pellet business?

There is no doubt that straw pellet fuel is promising. There is no doubt that biomass pellet fuel has a market prospect. If you have enough raw materials suitable for the manufacture of pellets fuel, you can consider establishing a straw pellet plant. But before you make this decision, ask yourself the following several questions.

01 What Is Your Raw Material?

There are too many raw materials that can be made into pellets, from common straw, sawdust and logs to some oil palm trunks or bamboo. Raw materials determine everything. It determines the combustion value of the final product. It determines whether you need a crusher or dryer to adjust the size and moisture content of the material. It determines what type of pellet machine you need.

raw material

02 The Initial Size Of Raw Materials

It is not easy to make pellets. It is not just necessary to feed raw materials of any shape into the straw pellet machine and wait for the pellets to come out. In fact, we encounter various materials with different shapes. They can be powder, blocks, pieces of wood, or even whole tree trunks. However, the production of particles needs to be carried out in a moderate and stable manner. This is why you can always find the crusher in the straw pellet production line. Its goal is to cut raw materials in uniform size.

03 Do You Need A Dryer Or Drying System?

When talking about pellet production, the moisture content of raw materials is a key factor that you need to carefully review. You may not know that higher moisture content will increase the final cost because you need more investment to dry the material to an acceptable moisture content (usually about 13-18%). The drying system needs high energy consumption, which means more money. In fact, in most of the pellet plants, we are building, drying systems are necessary.


04 What Size Pellets Do You Need?

In the biomass pellet industry, particle size refers to the diameter of the cross-section. 6-12mm are the most commonly used sizes. However, if the customer needs other sizes, the supplier can meet your requirements by readjusting the ring die, which is a key part of the straw pelletizer and directly determines the final particle diameter.

kind of pellets

05 How Is Your Power Supply

Different regions may have different power conditions. For example, in China, the industrial power supply is lower than 380V, 50Hz, and three-phase, while residential conditions are lower than 220V, 50Hz, and single-phase. This is not a big problem, but please contact your supplier and ensure that they are provided with the correct data so that they can perform the correct power calculation for you.

06 How Many Raw Materials Can You Provide Per Hour Or Day?

More supply of raw materials means that more pellets can be produced, which also means more investment funds. For example, if your raw material supply is 1 ton per hour, one small pellet machine is enough to complete this task. But if you have a raw material supply of 10 tons per hour, you certainly need a straw pellet mill with a larger capacity. The pelletizing machine accounts for a large part of the cost of the whole pellet plant.

07 What Is The Purpose Of Making Pellets?

You can either sell it for a profit or use it for your own projects. If you plan to sell, you need a packing machine.

RICHI Machinery is a reliable brand with more than 20 years of experience. RICHI can provide you with a straw pellet machine or complete design of a straw pellet production line. RICHI Machinery has a perfect sales system and a complete service network, and our products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions overseas. From the beginning of the project to the whole process of the pellet production line, our team of experts is ready to help you with your project and provide high-quality service and technical support. If you are interested, just contact us!



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